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Justice Leads to Peace

Justice and Sports

World Sports Alliance

Our Values

Sports, Justice and Peace

Sports provides a platform for respect, justice and peace

The rules of sports teaches humanity the basics of justice, which leads to a peaceful planet. World Sports Alliance strives to utilize recognized rules of fair play in all sporting events as a means to instill fairness in competition. This leads to all competitors involved better able to accept the outcome; win, lose or draw. Instilling these values in young people is a privilege that World Sports Alliance takes seriously.

Throughout history, sports has provided a means for peaceful dialogue among rivals. Competition helps us to better understand those who we may not agree with, but need to get along with anyway. Witnessing another compete oftentimes leads to a mutual respect being built, which can lead to a relationship upon which peace can flourish. This aspect of humanity is one of the most exciting aspects of World Sports Alliance in its support of the Sustainable Development Goals.