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Gender Equality through Sports

Gender Equality

World Sports Alliance

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Gender Bias

Discrimination against women hurts us all.

One of the most appealing attributes of sports is the concept that it requires fair play. Sports is on the merits of one’s ability, not gender. World Sports Alliance seeks to provide an equal opportunity for all of the participants in a sporting event to measure their results against others. When we skew the outcomes through gender bias, we only hurt ourselves when we are not able to see the true output of the competitors as it relates to ourselves.

When we make decisions based upon gender and not on the capabilities of the person, we cut ourselves off from the best possible outcome. When genders are excluded in civil society, we are not operating at maximum economic output which runs counter to the ideas and principles of World Sports Alliance. The success of the Sustainable Development Goals and the future of our planet depend on executing on the best possible ideas. Whether the idea comes from a male or female, the execution should always go to the person most suitable for the job, irrespective of gender.