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Clean Energy

Clean energy is sustainable. Through sports we promote the latest energy technologies.

There is no question that the Earth has been getting hotter. In the last 5 years we have experienced the hottest recorded temperatures in modern history. These are numbers and facts, not opinions. Children playing outdoors has been a basic part of humanity since we started walking the Earth. As a sports body focused on youth development, we seek the best answers to address the threat of our children not being able to do what is most basic to them; play outdoors.

Clean and renewable energy provides a way that not only addresses the health of our children and our planet, but also assists in World Sports Alliance’s mission of economic development for our member states. The renewable energy sector is now employing more people than ever. The price of clean energy is now low enough to provide a true opportunity economically, as well as environmentally. World Sports Alliance is a proponent of bringing the latest in energy technology to all of our activities in furtherance of the Sustainable Development Goals.